Anger Management for Parents

Learn how to be a calmer parent regardless of your child’s behaviour.

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    • 10 ways your THINKING is causing you Parental ANGER

      Often we blame the things going on around us for feeling stressed or anger - it's the child's behaviour, it's my partner, it's lack of sleep, it's having no money. The list can be endless. However, does everyone have the same reaction when facing these events? Do you even have the same reactions EVERY SINGLE TIME you are faced with an event? The answer is no. This is because your 'story' ABOUT the event changes when you are perceiving it in that moment, depending on what else is happening, or has been happening around you.

    • Child behaviour solutions don’t work, so I get angry

      Why is it that you try so hard to find solutions to your child’s behaviour so that you can be calm, only to find that the solutions don’t work, and you end up being angry again? This is a common question I get asked by clients doing our 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge. […]

    • How to commit to Anger Management in parenting

      This is such a common sentiment of frustrated parents. We get angry. We feel guilty. We apologise. We hate ourselves or beat ourselves up. We vow to be calm next time. We don’t. Repeat.

Articles on Anger Management for Parents

    • Want to know why you’re an angry parent and how to change?

      Anger management seems to be one of the biggest issues that arise when we become parents. Mums and dads are at a loss as to why they continue to let their children rile them up. "I can't believe I'm fighting with a two-year old". "They should just listen to me. I wouldn't dare talk back to my parents."

    • It only takes 5 seconds to stop parental stress

      The reason why we feel the way we do is a direct result of how we think.  We think the way we do, only because of our habits. Those habits of thinking have been created through repetition and consistency, just like your bad eating habits, or your fitness levels (or perhaps lack thereof).