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  • 10 ways your THINKING is causing you Parental ANGER

    Often we blame the things going on around us for feeling stressed or anger - it's the child's behaviour, it's my partner, it's lack of sleep, it's having no money. The list can be endless. However, does everyone have the same reaction when facing these events? Do you even have the same reactions EVERY SINGLE TIME you are faced with an event? The answer is no. This is because your 'story' ABOUT the event changes when you are perceiving it in that moment, depending on what else is happening, or has been happening around you.

  • Child behaviour solutions don’t work, so I get angry

    Why is it that you try so hard to find solutions to your child’s behaviour so that you can be calm, only to find that the solutions don’t work, and you end up being angry again? This is a common question I get asked by clients doing our 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge. […]

  • How to commit to Anger Management in parenting

    This is such a common sentiment of frustrated parents. We get angry. We feel guilty. We apologise. We hate ourselves or beat ourselves up. We vow to be calm next time. We don’t. Repeat.

  • Is the ‘no smacking’ rule really making our kids into monsters?

    If we fast forward to today's society, from the time of physical punishment to now, the effects of smacking have been widely documented so we’ve been given a very strong message that smacking is a taboo approach to use, but the problem is, up until recently, there was no replacement offered for it either.

  • What Are You Like To Live With?

    They were whinging, clinging, the house was a mess, dishes everywhere, dinner trying to be cooked, I'm tired. I don't want to be dealing with any of this. It's been a long day and I'm hanging for my husband to come home to help take the load off.

  • My Breakdown (I was in tears writing this)…

    "Nobody knows.....nobody knows but me that I sometimes cry. If I could pretend that I'm asleep when my tears start to fall. I peek out from behind these walls...I think nobody knows.....nobody knows, no...."

  • I Stopped Myself From Having One Of ‘Those’ Mornings

    his morning was one of those chaotic, can’t find anything, running late, have to get out the door on time, kids have the shits kind of morning. You know the ones. They can potentially lead to you having just as big a meltdown as the kids. Except, instead of just getting over it, like the kids do, these mornings tend to leave you feeling really guilty all day because of how you treated your kids.

  • The story behind that angry mother you just judged

    We’ve all encountered it. You watched her actions and listened to her cruel words and harsh behaviour towards her child. You felt her intense energy as she expressed herself and worst of all, you saw the effect it was having on her child – the sadness, the fear, and you worried she was stripping away more and more self-worth from that child with every angry word she spat.