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  • Child behaviour solutions don’t work, so I get angry

    Why is it that you try so hard to find solutions to your child’s behaviour so that you can be calm, only to find that the solutions don’t work, and you end up being angry again? This is a common question I get asked by clients doing our 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge. […]

  • Is the ‘no smacking’ rule really making our kids into monsters?

    If we fast forward to today's society, from the time of physical punishment to now, the effects of smacking have been widely documented so we’ve been given a very strong message that smacking is a taboo approach to use, but the problem is, up until recently, there was no replacement offered for it either.

  • Are you okay? I wasn’t. I was struggling!

    It was 'the knife incident'. The day I got so angry I slammed a knife on the bench so hard that it almost hit my (then) two year old. Then I proceeded to run to my room screaming how much I hated my life, all with my (then) 6 month old on my hip.</strong> Was I okay? No I wasn't. But would anyone else but my husband, have known that? Absolutely not! Why? Because I was meant to be that perfect mum. I was meant to love being at home with my children, wasn't I?

  • A Self-Harmer Taught Me An Important Lesson

    I was working with a young 17 year old girl with depression and a history of self-harming and she taught me such a valuable lesson in parenting that I want to share with as many parents as possible. She said: “My mum just doesn’t get it.

  • Children Want To Have An Opinion. Don’t You?

    Today's society is not like when you or I were growing up. The "children should be seen and not heard" rule doesn't really seem to apply in today's society. Or if it does, it seems to be to the detriment of the connection between the parent and the child.

  • Are You Part Of The Problem With Your Child?

    The reality of any relationship is that two individuals, with two individual belief systems are integrating together to create a result. That result becomes the dynamic between you and the other person.

  • Is This Harder Than It Needs To Be?

    The other day I was observing a 2-year-old who stopped at a vending machine with curiosity and watched his mother’s reaction to him. She spent at least 2-3 minutes trying to coerce him into continuing on, getting more annoyed and starting up on the threats.

  • Government Website Keeps Solutions Flowing

    I’m a big advocate of reality parenting so I love it when I find some reality-based strategies for dealing with child behaviour. The Parental Stress Centre focuses specifically on the ‘thinking’ behind yours and your child’s behaviour, which is what fundamentally causes stress, and how we can teach our children a reality-based perspective of life.

  • Why Your Child’s Emotions Won’t Be Rational

    “Your child’s behaviour is not rational….” Quote from a website (can’t remember where, sorry) I read this quote in an article on child behaviour and I remember thinking, “That is so true!” Before the age of about 5/6 years of age, all the information our child is getting is going straight into the subconscious for processing, catogerising and understanding life. They are creating filters to enable them to interpret life.