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  • Are You Part Of The Problem With Your Child?

    The reality of any relationship is that two individuals, with two individual belief systems are integrating together to create a result. That result becomes the dynamic between you and the other person.

  • The last 8 years have led to this day…

    The first of the emotions that I became acutely aware of is ANXIETY and FEAR. Will people like the site? Will they judge it harshly? What if it's not enough? There's still things I need to fix but my website designer is away on holidays. What if it's not good enough? What if I don't receive positive feedback? What if it's boring to people? What if...?

  • Dads experience parenthood stress too

    My two children were born just 16 months apart, and when they were very young it was full on.  When my second son was born, my husband was working 60+ hours a week and couldn't even take time off to help me adjust to two children under two years of age.

  • Meet Real Mumma – My alter ego

    Hi, Jackie Hall Here. Those of you who have followed my blogs or read my book The Happy Mum Handbook, would know that when my children were little, I struggled with being a mum….BIG TIME! It wasn't until a particular incident with my son, the emotional breakdown and the epiphany that resulted from that moment, that I worked out the real cause of my misery. That cause was - MY THINKING.