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Improve your ability to handle your child’s challenging behaviours without stress and teach your child how to deal with life’s ups and downs with a healthy mindset and an accurate understanding of self-worth…

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Child Behaviour Management Conversations with Jackie Hall

    • Is the ‘no smacking’ rule really making our kids into monsters?

      If we fast forward to today's society, from the time of physical punishment to now, the effects of smacking have been widely documented so we’ve been given a very strong message that smacking is a taboo approach to use, but the problem is, up until recently, there was no replacement offered for it either.

    • Why Your Child’s Emotions Won’t Be Rational

      “Your child’s behaviour is not rational….” Quote from a website (can’t remember where, sorry) I read this quote in an article on child behaviour and I remember thinking, “That is so true!” Before the age of about 5/6 years of age, all the information our child is getting is going straight into the subconscious for processing, catogerising and understanding life. They are creating filters to enable them to interpret life.

    • Is This Harder Than It Needs To Be?

      The other day I was observing a 2-year-old who stopped at a vending machine with curiosity and watched his mother’s reaction to him. She spent at least 2-3 minutes trying to coerce him into continuing on, getting more annoyed and starting up on the threats.

Articles on child behaviour management

    • Tips for Getting Through the Terrible Twos

      Your child is about to turn two. The bad news is that this can be a very difficult age for you and for them. The good news is that it will only last for one year…or will it? The truth is that the terrible twos can happen at any age and just because their third birthday comes does not mean it is over. But I digress. Right now we are talking about the REAL terrible twos. So, how can you get through them without going grey and continuously asking yourself why you chose to have kids in the first place?

    • The Preteen and Peer Pressure

      Decades ago, many parents would dread the teenage years for fear that their teens will test the boundaries, succumb to peer pressure, and will not need Mum and Dad so much. These days, parents tend to get a bit concerned as soon as their children hit the preteen years.  It seems as if kids simply grow up faster nowadays and by the time kids reach 10 or 11, they’re already facing peer pressure when it comes to negative attitudes and behaviors.

    • Super Tips to Handle Temper Tantrums

      You’re shopping along nicely at your favorite clothing store with your child one day and things are going surprisingly well.  That is, until your sweet child decides that she is not having fun anymore and is not afraid to let you know it.  She begins whining.  She asks how much longer? She’s hungry and the whole store knows it.  You politely tell her to stop whining and be patient.  It doesn’t work.  The whining escalates, you become tense, firmly tell her that if she doesn’t stop being disruptive she will suffer serious consequences (yet, in what way, you’ve no clue).