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How to get your kids to listen to you more
How to get your children to stop ignoring youWith our 28 Day Make My Child Listen Challenge starting Tuesday, 21st[...]
Is Your Affectionate Name Calling Causing Trouble
Is your affectionate name calling unconsciously causing trouble?My little drama queenMy little terd-burgerMy little B**tch or 'She's a little cow'.My[...]
Defiance! This mum’s 9yo doesn’t respect her boundaries
Defiance! This mum's 9yo doesn't respect her boundariesWhat do you do if you have a defiant child who just does[...]
ADHD Child Stress
Stress over ADHD Child's BehaviourThe mindset you approach your child's challenging behaviour with, is so crucial in whether you will[...]

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Child Behaviour 

Child behaviour solutions don’t work, so I get angry
Why is it that you try so hard to find solutions to your child’s behaviour so that you can be[...]
Is the ‘no smacking’ rule really making our kids into monsters?
This question was recently asked in one of our recent 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge programs: As I[...]

Parenting Blogs

Kids Are An Interruption To My Life. Ouch!
One day, my children were mucking around. My husband was working away at the time and I was trying to[...]
A Self-Harmer Taught Me An Important Lesson
I was working with a young 17 year old girl with depression and a history of self-harming and she taught[...]

Relationship Blogs

Why Children of divorced parents can still live a happy life
There’s a lot of attention on how to eradicate the stigma that is attached to depression and mental health, but[...]
Are You Part Of The Problem With Your Child?
  The reality of any relationship is that two individuals, with two individual belief systems are integrating together to create[...]
The last 8 years have led to this day…
I write this in the quiet hours of 1 o'clock in the morning. It is the eve (or should I[...]