Personal Peace Articles

    • You can change your brain to live without stress, depression and anxiety

      The closest predictor of future behaviour is to look at past behaviour. If you look back at the history of your immediate family, their choices and their approach to life, it is highly likely that you have adopted a similar mindset and will make decisions based on this mindset. Which means you are likely to experience similar patterns of doing life that you witnessed in your relatives....

    • Overcoming parental guilt

      Parenting and guilt seem to go hand in hand. Why is that? I am yet to meet a parent (especially mothers) who has not had a conversation that started with, “I feel so guilty because……”

    • Losing yourself to motherhood

      “I have lost my identity.” This is the catch cry of so many new mothers of newborns, toddlers and pre-school age children. But what does it actually mean to lose your identity? Is it actually lost, or does it just need to be redefined?

    • Letting go of yesterday holds the answers to happiness in today

      The past doesn't exist until we create it in the present! This is one of my favourite sayings. The only time that the events of the past exist is when we recreate it by thinking about these events in present time. Otherwise how else do they survive? They aren't happening anymore!

    • It only takes 5 seconds to stop parental stress

      The reason why we feel the way we do is a direct result of how we think.  We think the way we do, only because of our habits. Those habits of thinking have been created through repetition and consistency, just like your bad eating habits, or your fitness levels (or perhaps lack thereof).

    • The Seven Stages of Postnatal Depression

      Hi all, Jackie Hall here. Today I wanted to personally talk a bit about postnatal depression, for this was what I was experiencing before I began training myself to think differently and before Real Mumma came along to help me through it. The hardest part of anything we feel completely consumed by, is knowing where the best place to start is.