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“Please Help me find my calm & deal with the challenges of raising babies and toddlers”

If this is you, The Find my Calm within the Chaos program is for you.

Nicknamed, “The Parent Whisperer” by her clients, Jackie Hall can help you take the overwhelm from raising babies and toddlers

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Want to stop the cycle of loving motherhood one minute, resenting it the next, and feeling completely overwhelmed?

Are you just like Jenny?
You’re not alone.

“My name is Jenny and I’m falling apart. I feel lost, lifeless, on auto-pilot. I have two beautiful children (3 and 6mo). I should feel blessed but instead I just feeling like crying.

I feel like a machine. I get up at dawn, prepare breakfast, change nappies, fold clothes, pick up toys, clean the house, cook dinner, get up to the kids during the night (yes, both of them) and wake up and do it all over again. I feel useless and incompetent. I’m forever arguing with my three year old and can never seem to get my six month old to sleep.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids and most times I do love being a parent, but outside of the goo-goo, gaa-gaa warm-and-fuzzy mummyness, something is missing. A part of me feels stifled and suffocated, probably drowned out by the tunes of ‘Play your guitar with Murray’ or ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B1? I think I am B2?’

Well you want to know what I’m thinking? I wanna get out of here. Run off to some exotic island with a book and a glass of wine – or 10! I need to find out who I am. What do I want?

I feel like I have no life. It’s all about the kids. I just can’t handle it anymore. I feel like everyone’s slave. I’m irrational, anxious and depressed. I’m happy one minute, and then the next I’m flying off the handle and falling apart in tears. I feel guilty for stuffing up my kids’ lives and I hate myself for acting this way. I’ve become EVERYTHING I swore I would never be.

No one understands me. No one cares about how I feel. It’s like I’m the only parent in the world who feels this way. Everyone else seems happy. Why can’t I just get it together and be a happy mum too? What’s wrong with me?”

Introducing the 28 Day Find My Calm within the Chaos Challenge (for parents of babies and children 3yo and under)

  • When Immediate Access
  • Where Anywhere with an internet connection

There’s nothing more soul destroying then having a parenting experience like Jenny’s. Let us help you to turn it all around.

In 28 days, this program will teach you how to:

  • Alleviate intense emotions like anger, anxiety, feeling defeated, hopeless and unable to cope – feelings that can easily lead to depression
  • Release the pressure you put on yourself to be the ‘perfect’ parent.
  • Bond and connect with your child the way you always wanted to
  • Stop personalising your child’s behaviour when they misbehave
  • Handle your child’s behaviour with love, affection and warmth, but with firmness and boundaries
  • Clear the fear of repeating the patterns of your own parents
  • Bring more fun into your relationship with your child – Be present and in the moment with them
  • Let go and relax when things don’t go to plan
    Plus loads more!

Created by a mum who has had to walk her talk…and still does!


I threw a loaf of bread across the room and slammed a nearby bread knife on the kitchen bench so hard that it bounced off the bench and narrowly missed my (then 2yo) son’s head. I screamed, “I HATE MY LIFE” and ran out of the kitchen into my bedroom crying uncontrollably…all with my 6 month old sitting on my hip.

For months my life had become a repetitive cycle of getting angry, losing the plot, feeling guilty and then hating myself for behaving this way. I would lie in bed at night, miserable, depressed, surrounded by family, but feeling completely alone…How had this all gone so wrong? How did I become EVERYTHING I swore I would never be as a parent?

And then, in the middle of my tears, after hitting rock bottom that day, I had an epiphany.

As logical as it was, I realised……

No one else could change this for me! No one else could change the way I felt about my life. Only I could.
I realised that no fairy godmother was going to come out, wave her magic wand and suddenly make me happy. Only I could be my own advocate for change. So that’s what I did


This is Jackie Hall – Founder of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia and she’s just like you! Not only is she fast becoming the #1 go to place for parental stress advice in the media and within Australia, the UK and America, but she is as real as it gets!

That moment was 10 years ago and is what Jackie calls her break down to get her break through!

Since then she has become a qualified counsellor (Diploma of counselling), has worked with over 10,000 parents, studied mindfulness, travelled Australia running live seminars and worked with clients suffering severe depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addictions, assisted with family mediations, helped couples improve their relationships and handled just about everything situation you can think of.

Jackie is dedicated to teaching parents how to feel more at ease in the middle of the chaos that comes with raising children. This program in particular is very close to her heart because Jackie wishes something like this was available when her children were babies and toddlers.

Jackie Hall

Author, mum, qualified counsellor and founder of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia

Listen to how this program also helped young mum Johanna with her day to day experiences with her kids


There's so much information about how to manage your children's behaviour, but where is the information you need to help you with your emotions? Right here!

What does this program include and how does it work?


Over 28 days you will receive:

  • Daily emails with your daily lessons (includes an audio link to listen to the lesson if preferred).
    NB: Each lesson will take no more than 10 minutes.
  • 4 x weekly videos to watch no more than 30 minutes long.
    This video will help you take the daily lessons to a whole other level in understanding your stress
  • 4 x weekly pdfs that contain homework helping you apply the information to your circumstances
  • Program Bonus: A copy of Ebook, “How to get Passionate and Plug back into life”
  • Program Bonus #2: A copy of Ebook, “A Parent’s Guide to Finding your Lost identity”
  • Money Back Guarantee – Throw yourself into this program, read/listen to all of the material, ask for help when you get stuck and if you don’t get any results, we will return your money.

If you can commit 5-15 minutes per day, plus 1 hour per week over 28 days, I will show you how to release the stress of raising babies and toddlers

How do I join?

Pay upfront and save! – $97

What do I receive again for this price?
  • Daily emails – Every day you will receive lessons with actionable tasks to practice applying what you’ve learnt

  • Weekly Videos – These videos will give your really in depth information about the cause of your stress and how to alleviate it. These are where you’ll find loads of ‘golden nuggets’ to get you thinking differently….for good.

  • 4 x weekly homework pdfs to help you apply the information from the videos

  • Two Bonus books – We will give you both our ebooks that will compliment this program:

    “How to get Passionate and Plug back into life” and “A Parent’s Guide to Finding your Lost identity”

Find your calm, or get your money back!

We are committed to helping you find your calm, so if you complete the program and work with us when you get stuck, and you still don’t get anything out of it, we will refund your money.

Now there is NO RISK to give it a try.

Tell me more about what I’ll learn each week?

Here’s a breakdown of what the program entails:

Week One

What is really causing your stress

This first week is identifying why you feel stress, anger, impatience, overwhelmed or the myriad of emotions you feel when you are parenting young children. It’s not the events that cause your emotions, it’s how you perceive those events and personalise them that’s triggering you. This week it will make sense why you feel the way you do and this awareness alone will start changes in your home almost immediately.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn this week:

  • The four viewpoints of life that always underlie stress
  • Why you so easily personalise your child’s behaviour
  • Why you keep rolling around in the same negative stories when things don’t go to plan
  • Why your kids can’t ‘just behave’
  • How trying to be a perfect parent is a fruitless goal
  • Understanding the pathway from stress to depression or anxiety

Week Two

Change how you think and watch your child’s behaviour change

Week two is where you will see something miraculous happen. While your child’s behaviour will never be perfect, you will learn how to feel more at ease when dealing with their behaviour. You will be amazed at the ripple effect this has on your changing your child’s behaviour.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to separate your emotions from their behaviour
  • How to feel good regardless of the chaos around you
  • How to understand your toddler and where they are at in their brain development
  • How to clear the fear of ruining your child’s life
  • How to get your thinking out of that negative story and looking at parenting (and life) differently

Week Three

Exercises to move you out of your ‘Pit of shit’

You don’t get clean from rolling in the mud and you don’t parent in alignment with how you want to either. This week we focus on specific tools to move you out of your ‘pit of shit’ which is what we call it when you’re feeling consumed with your emotions and your mind is looking at all the bad stuff.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with exhaustion
  • What to do once emotions have already come to visit
  • How to stay focussed and uplifted, even when you think you can’t
  • Always feeling bad, down or anxious by default even though life is going to plan? We’ll show you how to shift that.
  • Learn tools to stop you going from 0-100 in a heartbeat
  • What to do when it’s not the kids causing your stress

Week Four

Solutions to challenges and moving forward with raising babies and toddlers

This week we finish the challenge with some specific ways to handle common moments with our baby or toddler that arise and give you some viewpoints to take with you beyond this challenge to keep you feeling at ease with parenting.

What you will learn:

  • How to avoid stress and overwhelm when in demand – every body wants you NOW!
  • How to handle agressive emotions in your toddler/baby
  • Tools to help inspire your toddler to WANT to co-operate with you.
  • How to feel calmer when your child won’t eat or sleep
  • How to stay calm when your child is not, so you don’t go down with them!
  • How to use our 5 step process to handle any and all challenges in parenting and in life.

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Tell me again, how do I join?

To make it even more affordable to parents, we have given you two payment options. Click your preferred payment option in blue below:

Payment Option one: Pay upfront and save! – $97.00