Exclusive Parenting program

for parents who are serious about transforming their family life and who want a more personalised, intimate, one-on-one, hand-holding experience 


Being a Parent Today is Certainly Not Easy ...

To start with we all have busy schedules that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and wondering if we are spending enough time with our kids. For most of us, even the thought of taking some much-needed “me time” can leave us feeling guilty.

But then add to our busy schedules the fact that parenting has changed since we were kids and it’s no wonder that so many parents feel like they are failing their children.

In particular, disciplining kids has changed since we were young. But experts say that non-discipline is just as bad as disciplining the wrong way – which can leave parents confused about what they should be doing.

Are we being too hard on our kids … are we being too soft? Will our kids end up suffering because we didn’t raise them “the right way?”

At Parental Stress Centre, we help parents learn how to balance the ‘old school’ of parenting where you implement boundaries, structure and teach respect with the ‘new school’ of parenting that involves a more nurturing, loving, understanding approach.

Introducing Our 90-Day Personalised
Parenting Plan

Discover in the Comfort of Your Own Home How to Change Your Emotional Responses & Behaviours as Well as Your Child’s … So that You Both Feel Happier, More Confident & Better Able to Handle the Ups & Downs of Life

  • 1
    Stop feeling anger, guilt, frustration and resentment about your parenting skills … we’ll show you how to regain power and respect as a parent and build a better relationship with your child
  • 2
    Most parenting websites are all about managing behaviour.  We specialise in helping you teach your child a mindset for life that breeds confidence, happiness, resiliance and the ability to handle life's inevitable challenges without stress, depression or anxiety
  • 3
    Break free from negative thoughts that are telling you that you are not spending enough time with your kids or doing enough for your kids … and learn to do exactly what your kids need to be successful and happy today!
  • 4
    Learn to look at the mindset behind both your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and your child’s so that you better understand what is happening and can take steps to prevent conflict
  • 5
    Balance “old school” discipline with “new school” understanding to ensure your child is well-adjusted and well-behaved – the kind of kid everybody likes to be around.
  • 6
    Our one-on-one counselling ensures you get the customized solution you need to overcome whatever roadblocks you are facing and build a better relationship with your child!

About our Founder

We have had the privilege of working with over 20,000 parents over the last 11 years and we know that family difficulties are not always because of 'bad parenting.' In fact, if you're here looking for help, chances are you are far from being a bad parent

Parents are often doing the best they can with the information they have and just don't know the pathway to change. We're not here to judge anyone, but to educate those parents who want a proven pathway to bringing about the peace and calm they're looking for in themselves and their children.

We provide real support, real solutions and no judgment.

- Jackie Hall


Here’s What the Amazing 90-Day Personalised Parenting Program Includes:

7 x One-on-on counselling sessions
(Note: - These Sessions can be individual sessions with yourself, or with you and your partner, used as family mediation, or used to work directly with your child or a combination of all, as required)

After an initial one hour session to establish your goals and configure your unique personalised 90 day lesson plan, you will receive six more one hour sessions fortnightly from your personalised counsellor who will be your counsellor for the entire 12 weeks.  Together you will explore the specific details of your life and implement specific tools and strategies to make deliberate changes to your life.

A Personalised 90 day plan to follow

​Your first one-on-one session will be a two hour session where we will work out your goals and personalise a 12 week lesson plan that extracts key components from across our 8 unique programs for parents, ensuring that your unique goals and desires are met over the 90 days

Weekly downloadable video lessons delivered to your inbox

Every week you will receive an email containing your week's lesson including a video with actionable applications for what you're learning, plus a pdf of the key points and homework from the video.

Access to all the benefits of a Gold membership for 15 months 

You will gain immediate access to ALL of the benefits a Gold membership has, and that you will continue to get that access for 12 months after your 90 day program.   Your gold membership includes:

  • Access to all PSC programs (including the new programs we will be adding once per month)
  • Free attendence to any live online launches of our new programs each month
  • Fortnightly group zoom calls with Jackie Hall
  • Access to a Closed Facebook Group for Gold members only, where you can ask questions from our team of PSC trained counsellors and support crew.

What People Are Saying...


No more chaotic mornings and disconnection from son

“I was having exhausting, chaotic mornings trying to manage myself and the behaviour of my then 7 year old and to lesser extent 12 year old. I was lacking connection, empathy and operating out of stress. The behavior I was witnessing in my 7 year old son was lots of resistance, reluctance to cooperate and get ready for school and some huge bursts of big feelings that regularly saw objects flying around the room and required 100 per cent of my attention on my son.

Post programme, we are connected and in a good groove. I have compassion, empathy and understanding but am able to be firm about what needs to happen. I am unafraid to stop and deliver a life lesson. I can communicate in/out of context to help my children. We enjoy our mornings which are now calm and ordered and my now recently 8 year old son gets ready on his own. There is no resistance and lots of connection.

With the roadmap the program has given me, I feel equipped to appropriately address whatever gets thrown my way. The tools Jackie shares have been priceless and are grounded in sound science. It is understandable even to a time poor, juggling, working, parent with little time and attention to spare and reinforces key concepts throughout so the learning happens in spite of yourself and your wish to be able to commit more time to the homework. I would highly recommend this program to any parent wishing for deeper connection with and understanding of their child and a smoother, more joy-filled existence."

Katerina Estrella


Having children had not turned out like Amanda had planned.

“Before I found PSC I was lost in my parenting and was becoming more frustrated with myself that having children hadn't turned out like I had planned.

From the very first session I was able to make positive changes in our family. We no longer yelled, no longer argued with children and the ways to deal with difficult situations that came up made me enjoy being a Mum again. From my first course I was hooked and have now completed all courses. I feel confident in my parenting style after completing these courses allowing us to work together for a healthy, happy and loving family.

Amanda Bain

Who is This Program For?

The 90-Day Personalised Parenting Plan Teaches a Holistic Approach to Life for Both Parents and Children!

Who is this for

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    Any parent who knows that there must be a better way to find harmony in the home, but just doesn't know how
  • check-circle-o
    Any parent racked by guilt over their current relationship with their child
  • check-circle-o
    Any parents who find themselves getting angry or overwhelmed with their child and then later regretting their actions
  • check-circle-o
    Any parent who wants to do better … who wants to do whatever they can to ensure their child’s happiness, success and security
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    Any parent who is committed to teaching their child a mindset that will bring about happiness, resilience, self-worth, self-love and an ability to deal with life's inevitable challenges

Who is this not for

  • times-circle-o
    Any parent who thinks they have it all figured out
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    Any parent who thinks the parent-child relationship is overrated and doesn’t need to be worked on
  • times-circle-o
    Any parent who believes that things can’t get better, that they are doomed to stay the way they are
  • times-circle-o
    Any parent who has given up and simply doesn’t have the time or energy to make things better with their child
  • times-circle-o
    Any parent who doesn't want to evolve their parenting to fit in with the realtiy of a new generation of kids and wants to stay in the 'good old days' way of thinking.

So how much does this program cost?


The normal cost of this program will be $1497 or 3 payments of $510 after this first round, 

however to celebrate this BRAND NEW PROGRAM, we want to

give you a $500 discount and give this program to you at a 

special introductory price of just $997 or 3 payments of $340



Now we understand that the cost of this program can be significant for busy parents but we have set the price as low as possible for everything that this amazing program contains.

Remember, you’ll be receiving access to proven effective parenting techniques; one-on-on counselling sessions; weekly video lessons tailored to your personal needs and goals; unlimited email support; fortnightly webinars; and much, much more!

The program price works out to a little over $83 per week as part of this special which is much less than what you would pay to meet with a professional counselor in person and to receive from him or her these types of proven effective training tools and resources, plus you wouldn't get the in-between session support with a normal counselling session.

And with our program you also won’t have to drive out in traffic or poor weather to get to a physical location, now will you have to find a baby sitter to attend your session. You can complete our program in the comfort and anonymity of your home!

Enrolling in this program is your chance to gain peace of mind and to create a calm, happy home life! We’ve helped over 20,000 parents and we are confident we can help you as well.

Imagine having a well-adjusted, well-behaved child who is able to regulate their emotions and who can effectively deal with life when it doesn't go to plan …

Imagine having a stronger, more fulfilling relationship with that child …

Imagine being able to get rid of the doubt and stress that comes with being a parent today and not being sure how to respond in certain situations … 

All of that is possible with the 90 Day Personalised Parenting Plan. 

30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will love the 90-Day Personalised Parenting Plan that we offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify us within 30 days and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

This situation will NEVER happen to you on this program

The other day I really got the value of what we're offering here.  A lady jumped onto our closed facebook group and shared a situation she was struggling with.  She had been to her psychologist that afternoon, and had worked through some very heavy emotions, but when her time was up, she was left with those emotions, not knowing what to do with them.  

She was left feeling overwhelmed, she was crying, she was feeling unable to get through the night time routine.

In short, she was a mess.

She came to our support group and shared what was happening for her, and I was able to teach her a mindfulness strategy to compartmentalise her feelings, help her be present to the night time routine, and then gave her exercises to deal with those emotions that night when the kids went to bed.

She didn't need to sit with those emotions for another week or two weeks, waiting for her next psychologist appointment. She had someone right there, THAT NIGHT to hold her hand, check in on her and give her the tools she needed to move through those emotions and more importantly HEAL from them, all while still being able to get through the night time routine.

It was then that I truly grasped the value that I was offering parents through this hand holding experience.  You will NEVER need to wait for your next appointment for us to work through something.  With unlimited email support, fortnightly live webinars with myself, a closed facebook group and your one-on-one sessions every fortnight, there will be always opportunity for you to work through ANY problem that arises at ANY TIME!   

Now THAT is the true value of the hand-holding experience that you will be signing up to

Jackie Hall

Remember, you'll need to hurry as this introductory price will not last long

Sign Up Now & Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts!

We want to make signing up for the 90-Day Personalised Parenting Plan a complete “no-brainer decision,” so we have decided to additionally offer these free bonus gifts to all who sign up now:


Access to ALL PSC Self-Paced Programs FOR LIFE!

This program automatically comes with 15 months of gold membership giving you access to all programs, facebook support and fortnightly live webinars with jackie Hall

So what will happen after this 15 months?  You will continue to have access to all the programs to come back to at any time, FOR LIFE!  Now you can keep applying what you've learnt for the entire time you are a parent!

That means as your children grow you'll continue to have the tools you need (and may need to revisit) to see you through.

This bonus includes ALL NEW CONTENT that becomes available to Gold members too.


Access to all 5 Ebooks 

Jackie Hall has written 5 x international selling books that focusses on multiple areas of parenting and the challenges you face. We are going to include all 5 books - The Happy Mum Handbook,  The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge,  What's in it for Me? (Relationship book), A Parent's Guide to Balance ad Getting more Me Time,  and A parent's Guide to Finding your Lost Identity and Discovering your Personal Peace

In the 90-Day Personalised Parenting Plan, we don’t just teach parents how to manage and control their child’s behaviour.

We teach you how to set them up mentally and emotionally for life. We teach you how to install a happy, healthy viewpoint of themselves and their attitude and approach to life. 

We also show parents how to look at their own behaviours. Parents learn to see the underlying causes of both their emotional responses and behaviours as well as the emotional responses and behaviours of their child.

This new insight along with our instruction and counselling gives parents the power to stop the vicious cycle where a parent affects the child’s behaviour and then the child’s behaviour continues the parents’ behaviour … or vice versa.

The 90-Day Personalised Parenting Plan is filled with practical tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes parents make – saving you a lot of stress and frustration and allowing you to build an even better relationship with your child.

After completing this program, you will know exactly how to achieve your parenting goals and remember, thanks to the bonus gift you’ll enjoy a full year of support should any new issues arise in the future, plus LIFE-TIME ACCESS to all of the self-paced programs that you've enjoyed, plus the new ones to come.

So why make yourself go through all the frustrating trial and error that most parents put themselves through? When you could save yourself a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights by getting the 90-Day Personalised Parenting Plan today?

You’ll learn:

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    How to raise happy, successful, well-behaved children using easy-to-follow strategies and techniques
  • check
    How to spot the real reasons for an emotional response or behaviour and then take the right steps to de-escalate the situation
  • check
    How to manage your emotions and become a highly effective parent
  • check
    How to combine discipline and understanding to raise a well-adjusted child that everybody likes being around
  • check
    What every parent must know to be successful raising a child in today’s fast-paced world
  • check
    Complete blueprints for how to be a good parent and build a terrific relationship with your child
  • check
    Step-by-step easy-to-understand methods to stop bad behaviours and prepare your child for future happiness and success

Plus you'll be getting all the professional support you need to help you implement
this knowledge to your family's life

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is this program only for parents of children with behaviour problems?

Will I get my own personal counselor?

How is this program ‘different’ from other parenting programs?

Will this program help me if I have a special needs child like ASD, ADHD, ODD or a disability

How do I sign up for the program?

Is the course delivered online??

Will this program really help me overcome my feelings of guilt or anger?

Will I be able to contact my counselor outside of the counselling sessions?

What if I decide the program is not right for me?

Sign up for the 90-Day Personalised Parenting Plan Today!

* Maximum of 10 participants per 
Monthly intake only

  • 7 x 1 : 1  Counselling sessions with a PSC trained and qualified counsellor, who will also be your counsellor for all support through the 90 days.  Value $770
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    12 x Weekly lesson plans uniquely tailored to help you reach your goals, with links to each week's personalised module and homework tasks   Value $360
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    Fortnightly webinar with Jackie Hall and participants of the gold membership for 15 months  Value $1200*
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    Access to Gold membership closed facebook group to gain support 7 days a week from qualified counsellors for 15 months Value $2,400*
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    Downloadable videos for offline access
  • Bonus #1:  Life long access to all PSC programs plus any new programs that become available FOR LIFE!  Unlimited value
  • Bonus #2:  Access to all 5 x Ebooks written by Jackie Hall   Value $60

Total Value =

*Support value based on average of 6 hours  counselling support @ $110per hour via email

and 30 hours of support via facebook for 15 mnths @ $80 p/hr

Remember, you'll need to hurry as after we end this introductory price you will have to pay $1497 for this program