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“Please help me adjust to the change of having a new baby or adding a baby to my family”

If this is you, The Adjusting to the Change program is for you.

I threw a loaf of bread across the room and slammed a nearby bread knife on the kitchen bench so hard that it bounced off the bench and narrowly missed my (then 2yo) son’s head. I screamed, “I HATE MY LIFE” and ran out of the kitchen into my bedroom crying uncontrollably…all with my 6 month old sitting on my hip.

For months my life had become a repetitive cycle of getting angry, losing the plot, feeling guilty and then hating myself for behaving this way. I would lie in bed at night, miserable, depressed, surrounded by family, but feeling completely alone…How had this all gone so wrong? How did I become EVERYTHING I swore I would never be as a parent?

And then, in the middle of my tears, after hitting rock bottom that day, I had an epiphany.

As logical as it was, I realised……

No one else could change this for me! No one else could change the way I felt about my life. Only I could.
I realised that no fairy godmother was going to come out, wave her magic wand and suddenly make me happy. Only I could be my own advocate for change.

So that’s what I did

Jackie Hall

Author, creator and presenter of the Adjusting to the Change Program

How much of my story can you relate to?

Thousands of parents struggle alone, like I did. Stuck in a cycle of loving motherhood, hating motherhood, feeling guilty, being over-reactive, feeling stressed, depressed or anxious.

Raising children under 4 can be hugely challenging and emotionally depleting on so many levels, but what it if didn’t have to be?

What if you had someone to hold your hand and teach you how to avoid parental stress and overwhelm while raising your baby or toddler?

What if you had access to Jackie Hall, now qualified counsellor, who’s been through that emotional roller coaster ride and come out the other side, to hold your hand for five weeks, every day, to teach you how to cut through the overwhelming emotions that often occur during the baby/toddler stage and beyond?

What if you could learn how to be happier, less reactive and better equipped to deal with the many anomalies that you face as your kids are growing up?

And what if you could get all of this knowledge over 5 weeks for under $100, or even better, put it on a payment plan to make it even easier on the budget?

There's so much information about how to manage your children's behaviour, but where is the information you need to help you with your emotions and behaviour? Right here!

Introducing The Adjusting to the Change Program

  • When Immediate
  • Where Anywhere with an internet access

How does the program work?

  1. Weekly Videos: Over 5 weeks, you will watch one video per week – except for the middle break/catch up week) – approximately 1 hour in length each.
  2. Exercises to practice what you’ve learnt: With each weekly video, you will receive homework to help you to apply what is being learnt to your specific circumstances.
  3. TWO Free Ebooks All participants receive a FREE copy of our two ebooks – “The Happy Mum Handbook” (valued at $19.95) and “A Parent’s Guide to Finding your Lost Identity” (Valued at $14.95)

How is the Adjusting to the Change program different from other parenting programs?

Many parenting programs teach you how to ‘walk away when angry’ or ‘take more time out’ or to ‘take deep breaths’ when things get tough.

These are great tools to use when your frustration or upset has already arrived, but don’t you want to control its arrival in the first place?

Don’t you want to really enjoy parenting and your relationship with your children so you don’t have to get riled up over their behaviour?

We help you to understand the driving forces behind the way you think, feel and respond to the challenges of parenting.

Most people don’t know that we often have ingrained belief systems that are triggering our reactions, which were learnt from our childhood, predominately from our parents, that are now presenting themselves in how you parent. This explains why your parenting style can be so similar to your parents, even though you swore it wouldn’t be.

Our program uncovers the patterns of your thinking, emotions and behaviour and gets to the core of the driving force behind them so you can retrain your mental and physical responses to be in alignment with peace and harmony.

What will I learn?

Week One

Understanding how thinking causes stress and emotions

  • The 4 lenses we view life through that cause our stress (yes ALL your stressful thoughts come under these 4 lenses).
  • To understand where this view of life comes from.
  • How you can unknowingly fall into the habit of feeling bad.
  • How to stop the momentum of negative self-talk when life (or children) don’t meet your expectations.
  • To recognise the common beliefs that cause parents to stress
  • Understand where your child is at in their brain development and what’s going on behind their behaviour and emotions.

Week Two

Change how you think, and you’ll change how you feel

  • Learn our tool for helping you to adjust your mindset when faced with the difficulties of having young children (like babies not sleeping/feeding, toddlers having tantrums, disruptive shopping trips and being disorganised to name a few).
  • Learn how to change your self-talk when you make a mistake, or your baby/toddler is not ‘doing what they’re supposed to be doing’.
  • Learn to stop personalising and berating yourself when times are difficult.
  • Break that thinking/feeling loop so you can stop training your body to be habitually miserable and negative about parenting
  • Learn how to be more at ease with whatever is happening in life (and parenting).

Week Three

Break Week

Apply the information at an even deeper level, as the first two weeks are the foundation to change.

There will be no new information this week. We want you to practice, practice and practice!

Repetition and consistency retrains the mind and body.

Week Four

A Five step process to get you out of your thoughts and into solutions

  • Learn our 5 step Mind TRACK to happiness process that you can apply to all aspects of parenting and life to help you feel calmer.
  • Learn how to use this process to change your thinking, apply what you’ve already learnt and get you focused on what you want, how you can get it and creating a plan of action to work with challenges (rather than resist them).
  • Constantly tired? This week we help you to reset your mind to deal with the demands on you without feeling reactive and irritable.

Week Five

Who am I now that I’m a parent?

  • Tantrums? Baby/toddler not feeding or sleeping? House a mess? We’ll teach you how to step out of your judgments and into the calm of the present moment using Mindfulness techniques. Yes you can feel at peace with your chaos!
  • It’s time to get a little bit of YOU back! We’re going to help you let go of the old you and re-discover a new you now that you are a parent.
  • This lesson won’t help you to find your lost identity, it will help you to REDEFINE it!
  • How to use what you’ve learnt to any situation as your family grows.

Additional information about the Adjusting to the Change program

How do we help you change your emotional reactions?

The Adjusting to the Change program is a progressive 5 week plan.
Whenever we are talking about challenges you’re having with your child, we are always talking about two subjects, and need to treat them as such. The first subject is about you and your emotional responses. And the second subject is about your child and their emotional/behavioural responses. We help you deal with both!
We start by helping you understand your emotions and reactions
You will learn……

  • To identify the specific thought process behind your stress, depression and/or anxiety and how it’s presenting itself in parenting (and life).
  • To understand how powerful the mind/body connection is and how you have created a default response when life doesn’t go to plan.

Then we focus on helping you to understand why your child is behaving the way they are.
You will learn…

  • To understand how your child’s brain development and perception of life are effecting their behaviour and emotions too.

Then you will learn how to challenge and change your thinking by….

  • Breaking those habitual thinking patterns that cause you to get overwhelmed, by creating NEW patterns of thinking and responding to challenging events.
  • Teaching you how to retrain yourself to feel more at ease, more solution focussed and more confident in who you are as a parent.
  • Teaching you mindfulness techniques to keep you present with your kids and objective about their behaviour, instead of personalising it and reacting to it.
  • Teaching you how to have such a strong and resilient mindset to take with you throughout your parenting journey, that your kids won’t have a choice, but to adopt this same strong, healthy mindset for their lives too.

In a nutshell, we’re going to teach you how to align with the parent that YOU want to be and be the model for your children that sets them up for life!

But it doesn’t just stop there. We’re going to take your belief in yourself to a whole other level!

Your kids need you to be confident, self-assured, be kind to yourself and to KNOW once and for all, that you ARE GOOD ENOUGH! They need you to model this and show them how it’s done. So we’re going to teach you how to:

  • Find yourself again when you feel ‘lost’ in your parenting role.
  • Understand the difference between self-worth and self-esteem.
  • To challenge your self-talk when you start to beat yourself up.
  • To gain a healthy understanding of self-worth that you can teach your children for their lives.
All this while Jackie Hall, her team and a group of parents all learning the same thing, provide you with non-judgemental support for the entire 5 Weeks!

Do you have a video I can watch explaining everything?

Yes! The below video will introduce you to Jackie Hall, founder of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia and creator of the Adjusting to the Change program. Watching this video will help to see how relate-able and REAL Jackie is, which is exactly what PSC participants love about her.


Tell me more about the support component to this program

What is the normal avenue of support measures for parents? You go to a health professional, counsellor or psychologist once a week for one hour, pay well over $100 per session in most cases, and then you are left to your own devices for the rest of the time until the next appointment (which can be several weeks).

Often when you go to a counselling session, you spend a lot of time talking about your problems, not leaving a lot of time for learning specific strategies and approaches to manage your emotions.

But what if you had access to your qualified counsellor every day for five weeks teaching you how to understand your emotions, manage your reactions, understand your child’s behaviour and strategise about that behaviour, and then giving you support to apply this information directly to your personal circumstances?

Well that’s what it’s like on the Adjusting to the Change program.

During the week you are learning lots of valuable information through your weekly videos, and then in between those videos you have Jackie holding your hand as much as you want/ need throughout the entire 5 weeks through our Closed FB group and through our two live webinars held during the program.

So you are learning AND receiving guidance and support WHILE you make changes in the comfort of your home. No babysitters. No appointments needed.

Jackie Hall, founder of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia is a qualified counsellor who has worked with parents for a decade, AND has had to work her own way out of the swing between anxiety and depression when her children were babies and toddlers. She has also had extensive experience working with clients (parents and non-parents) experiencing severe depression, (including suicidal tendencies), severe anxiety, and drug and alcohol addictions.

Jackie is very REAL and never claims to teach any of this from a pedestal of perfection. Every day, she STILL has to apply this information to her life as a parent so you will NEVER feel any judgement; only support, empathy and encouragement.

In addition you will be doing this program alongside your peers – parents feeling exactly like you do, and learning exactly what you are, so you get to learn from them too. You’ll never feel alone.

We are committed to helping you to establish new patterns of thinking and sharing this knowledge with your children while they are young – to set up the foundations for a strong connection and bond.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! We are only interested in helping parents to change so we have a money back guarantee on our programs.

If you don’t experience any change to your family within the first 30 days, we will happily refund your money, no questions asked.

We know that when participants apply themselves to this program, really commit to it and reach out to us when they get stuck, that we can help them to shift through their challenges. However we are also aware that some circumstances mean that more individual one-on-one approaches may work better, or more intensive support is required, so we will always refund anyone we have not been able to help.

So you have nothing to lose and only peace, joy and long lasting connections with your kids, to gain.


So what difference do you think knowing this information would have on your life?

What effect will it have on your young children?

If you could change how you view life and your reactions NOW, what would life be like for you in the next year, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years when you’re children are all grown up?

Don’t waste any more time vowing that ‘TOMORROW’ will be the day you change.

Join our program now and let’s get started re-creating a happier you and a happy family environment for the kids to grow up in.

How do I join?

To join this 5 week program, please choose from one of the payment options below.

  • When Immediate
  • Where Anywhere with an internet access
  • 4 x DOWNLOADABLE Videos – you will watch one video per week – except for the middle break/catch up week)

  • Homework pdfs and instructions on how to apply the information to your life

  • PDF copy of The Happy Mum Handbook

  • PDF copy of A Parent’s Guide to Finding your Lost Identity