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How to alleviate parental stress, depression and anxiety

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  • 7th August, 2017

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Want to know how to stop feeling stressed, miserable or emotionally out of control as a parent?


Do you feel that every day seems to go like this?

Get frustrated…Act out your anger…make your child scared or upset….Feel guilty…apologise again…despise yourself again…go to bed vowing tomorrow will be different.
Wake up…feel empty and lost…put up a bravado that you’ve got this…go through the motions…feel like you’re failing at everything…go to bed emotionally drained…hope tomorrow will be different

Are you looking for a program that will help YOU as a parent, rather than telling you how to raise your child?


Then you have arrived at exactly the right course for you!

This program is going to teach you how to:

  1. Get to the core of what’s causing your emotions
  2. Teach you how to retrain your mind and body to feel differently about life in general, and as a parent
  3. Help you let go of the past
  4. Find joy in the now
  5. Be kind to yourself and get rid of self-criticism and poor self-esteem

Best of all, you will be 100% supported every single day of this program by TWO qualified counsellors holding your hand through your wins and your challenging days!

What makes you think you’ll be able to help me?

Because I used to feel all of these emotions. I needed a pathway out too and I found it! Now I’m going to teach you how how to feel good too!

Hi! My name is Jackie Hall and I am the founder of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia, and a qualified counsellor.

Ten years ago, I personally experienced the torment and pain of parental stress, depression and anxiety.

Everyday I faced an uphill battle against a sense of worthlessness, a sense of not being good enough and the feeling that I was ruining my child’s life, or stuffing them up in some way. I was anxious over them waking up. I was anxious putting them to sleep. I was anxious about their behaviour in public and whenever they sparked up at home. I was anxious that I was not doing a good enough job and thought everyone else was doing it better than me.

I got stuck in a cycle where I thought if I could just do more, be more, learn more, control more and apply more information, then I’d get parenting right, but when I couldn’t control things, and life didn’t go to plan, I’d get angry. Then I would hate myself because I got angry and I would fall into a heap. I felt hopeless, useless, a failure. “What is wrong with me?!” I would often wonder.

But the next day I would vow to do it differently, and stepped straight back into that cycle. Everyday, I would go to bed feeling like I didn’t do enough and that my kids were suffering because of my inadequacies as a parent

Then, after a particular incident where I got so angry I slammed a knife on the bench so hard in anger, that it narrowly missed my (then) two year old’s head, I knew something had to change.

So I spent the next decade dedicating my life to understanding emotions, stress, depression and anxiety – within myself, and within my clients. I studied counselling. I worked in retreats working with clients with severe depression, anxiety and drug and alcohol addictions and I learnt the patterns that occur in stress and how to rewire your brain so you don’t have to live with those patterns, and the emotions that result.

I have literally had to walk my talk and am so passionate about teaching parents how to do the same.

If you resonate with anything that I’ve just said, please join me on this round of our Be the Change program, so I can show you how you can move to the other side of those painful emotions and help you to, not only feel good about yourself, but break the generational cycle of stress, depression and anxiety being passed to your kids.

Because when you change how you think and feel, you will automatically start to teach your children how to do this too.

Presented by Jackie Hall

Author, Professional Counsellor, mum of two and creator and presenter of the BE the Change Program

Introducing the Live “BE the Change” Webinar Series


  • When 7th August, 2017
  • Where Anywhere with an internet connection

What does the program include?

Starting from Monday, 7th August, 2017 you will become part of a 4-week program, watching 1-2 hour videos each week, participating in a weekly live chat with Jackie Hall and engaging with your fellow participants in a private group.

  1. Each week you will receive a weekly video for you to watch/listen to. These videos are downloadable so you can access them forever!
  2. You can attend Weekly LIVE Chat sessions with author Jackie Hall. She’ll be live and online every Tuesday evening at 8.30pm AEST (Melbourne/Sydney time) to answer your questions as you progress through the program. This is a webinar style session where you will see Jackie Hall answering your questions, as well as visual slides that help to enhance your learning.
  3. Homework: Summary worksheets and exercises to help you to apply your new understanding of what causes your unique parental stress, and how to change
  4. PERSONAL SUPPORT from TWO QUALIFIED COUNSELLORS via our Closed Facebook group to help you if you get stuck applying the methods you’re learning, or to help you expand upon how the information applies to your specific circumstances. You will always be answered within 24hours. This means you will have all the support you need WHILE you make real-time, lasting changes to your family.
  5. PLUS You will also be part of a group of parents all on the same journey, who will also support you along the way, so you’ll never feel alone or judged!
  6. For truly sensitive questions, you can even contact me directly by email.
  7. Bonus FREE copy of our Ebook “The Happy Mum Handbook”
  8. Bonus FREE copy of our Ebook “The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge

And I’m so convinced that my techniques will help you transform your stress to calm, that if you find it hasn’t worked for you: I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK – complete the program in its entirety, reach out for help and support, but if we cannot help you, we will refund you AND you can keep the ebooks!.

No more:
  • Needing to arrange a face-to-face counselling session to fit in with a babysitter
  • Stressing about getting organised and out of the door on time
  • Having to cancel appointments at the last minute due to things coming up at home (as they always do!)

You’ll get help everyday from TWO QUALIFIED Counsellors

Listen to Claire's before and after story from when she did the Be the Change program last year


You can also follow Claire’s week by week progress below in the break down of what you’ll learn

Will this work for me if I suffer from diagnosed depression and/or generalised anxiety disorder?

This program teaches you how to understand the patterns that lie beneath stress, depression and anxiety. You will get an understanding of where those thought patterns come from, why it makes sense that you are feeling the way you do, and how the mind/body connection contributes to the chemical imbalances in the brain associated with these conditions.

You will learn tools to accept and cope with life’s ups and downs without becoming frustrated, angry, stressed or feeling like a failure, from someone who has felt this very same way. We will teach you how to deal with anxiety and feel more at ease with the worries associated with being a parent. And we will teach you how to rewire the brain to think/feel differently.

However, that said, we don’t know the the full extent of your history or the extent of your depression or anxiety, and often it can be deep seated beliefs at the core of these conditions that require much deeper subconscious work that may require face-to-face professional support. Jackie Hall has had extensive experience with clients with depression and anxiety, and knows how to look after her clients experiencing these illnesses. She will be able to identify through your engagement with the program, whether additional face-to-face assistance is required and will support you to seek out this support if needed.

Our clients get fantastic results from our programs (see our testimonials below) with many clients feeling that this program was enough to pull them out of their depression and anxiety, however, we always recommend using this program as general information and only in addition to traditional therapeutic channels of help.

What will I learn?

This program is very different to what you might learn in traditional parenting classes. We won’t give you unhelpful advice like “walk away when angry” or “take more time out”. Instead you’ll learn in depth tools to manage your emotions so you don’t need to walk away or take time out to feel calm (because often those are not options anyway).

Week One

Get Inside your Mind – What causes your stress?

Follow Claire’s Journey during the Be the Change Program.

Here’s how she felt about week one

Here’s what you’ll learn in week one too:

  • Recognise that you are not broken and that your brain is not malfunctioning.
  • Finally, get an understanding of the specific mindset that lies behind all stress
  • Learn how to identify this pattern of thinking in your own internal dialogue
  • Learn how to detach from this kind of thinking and not take it so seriously.
  • Understand the link between how you think and how you feel and why it makes perfect sense why stress and emotional reactions show up in your life.
  • Realise (perhaps for the first time) that not only can you alleviate stressful emotions from your life fairly quickly, but that YOU are empowered to learn how to do it yourself.
  • Learn why you feel emotional even though things seem to be going fine in your life.

Week Two

How to change your thinking…for good

Claire’s Journey after Week Two of the Be the Change Program

Here’s what you’ll learn in week two as well:

  • Learn how to change your internal thinking.
  • Learn how to accept the reality of unwanted events and adopt a different mindset towards these challenging times
  • Learn how to control common emotions, such as anger, guilt and feeling like a failure.
  • Focus on solutions by changing your stress causing mindset. No more spending loads of time dwelling on past experiences.
  • Learn how to let go of irrational attachments that can cause anxiety (like perfectionism, needing the house to be clean at all times and the kids to be perfectly behaved).
  • Learn exactly what you need to do when you feel consumed by your emotions.
  • Learn just one, easy to remember process for understanding and changing your thinking that applies to any stressful situation in life.
  • Receive a judgement free education on how to change and how to move forward.

Week Three

Accepting myself and my life

Week Three of Claire’s Be the Change Journey

Here’s what you’ll learn in week three too:

  • Learn how to accept yourself just as you are. Recognise how valuable you are right now!
  • Understand the difference between self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Be able to forgive yourself and others and let go of the past.
  • Understand why you can parent without fear of ‘messing up your child’s life’.
  • How to stop your angry reactions
  • BE the calm and peaceful change that you wish to see in your child.

Week Four

BE the Change you wish to see in your child

Week Four of Claire’s Be the Change Journey

Here’s what you’ll learn in week four too:

  • What is happiness and how to model it for your child?
  • Using mindfulness for those in-the-moment stressors
  • Learn how to live in the present no matter what is happening
  • How to put everything into action using our five step Mind TRACK to Happiness process for any situation life throws at you.


Why should I join?


Practical advice

The BE the Change program is run by a qualified, professional counsellor, who is also a mum who’s been through depression and anxiety (and out the other side).


Parenting consultations and advice can easily cost hundreds of dollars per session! We are offering our full comprehensive program for just $110 and you also have the option of spreading the payment out on a $30 a week payment plan over 4 weeks. Remember, that the cost of one counselling session alone can equate to more than that, but with this program you get a full month of online support from TWO Qualified counsellors!

Enormous support

Our program have a flawless reputation pf providing real, honest, down to earth, judgement-free support at all times, whenever you need us.

No judgement. You’ll realise you are not alone.

The feedback we get most often from clients, is reporting that they feel so relieved that they aren’t alone. You will easily relate to the information presented and very quickly realise that you can be helped and things can change. Our motto is Real support. Real Solutions. No judgement. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel.

Easy to follow

The strategies and advice in the BE the Change program aren’t quick fixes, but they do provide a step by step approach to change that’s easy to remember and easy to apply – they also work.

Money back guarantee

If you complete the BE the Change program and don’t get anything out of it, we’ll give you a full refund. We’ll even let you keep the Ebooks.

How do I join?

To join the BE the Change 4 week program, please choose from one of the payment options below.


  • When 7th August, 2017
  • Where Anywhere with an internet connection
  • PDF Copy of “The Happy Mum Handbook”

  • PDF Copy of “The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge”

  • 4 x Weekly Videos that are downloadable for you to keep forever

  • Homework – Printable worksheets and exercises to help you to apply the information being learnt

  • Weekly live webinars from author and parenting coach Jackie Hall + recordings.

  • Access to closed Facebook support group where you can ask Jackie and her team questions any time and connect with other parents.

What other parents have to say about the program




You have no idea just how much you have helped me. I am a first time mum so it was very hard at times. I felt alone, even with my husband and my life just changed in a blink of an eye. I read so many books on parenting, but none really had anything about the dark side (lol) of being a mum. When I came across your book by chance, I was really at a low point of motherhood. I just wanted my old life back, but your book was a godsend. I’m now loving motherhood. I’ve let go of my past life and am living family life to the fullest!