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Parenting can be hard, can’t it? There’s nothing new about that! We hear this every day in our parenting community.

You’ll find loads of programs on the internet to help you with the everyday challenges that arise with your child’s behaviour, but what about the challenges you are going through? Within you emotionally and mentally? Doesn’t it just seem like the majority of parenting programs are all about changing your child’s behaviour, but not enough to help you work on yours?

I mean where is the information that teaches you how to:

  • Handle your stress
  • Curb your anger and impatience (you know, where you go from zero to crazy in a nano second)
  • Keep your relationship in tact throughout the chaos
  • BE the role model of confidence and calmness for your child.
  • Teach your child a healthy view of self-worth and life

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because that’s EXACTLY what The Parental Stress Centre is all about. We don’t just focus on your child’s behaviour, we help you go into much more depth about your thoughts, behaviour and emotions too.


Remember, I’ve felt the way you do right now…

My name is Jackie Hall, the founder of The Parental Stress Centre and, as you may already know from reading through this site, I struggled in the first years of being a mother….big time!

Anger, guilt, self-criticism, depression, anxiety, total flip-outs in front of my children. I did it all. And after one particular meltdown where I almost hurt my (then two year old) child and ran screaming to my room how much I HATED MY LIFE! all with my (then) six month old on my hip, I realised it was time for a change.

I completely overhauled my entire approach to parenting and have kept on refining the processes over the last 10 years. I trained myself in how to alleviate my stress – as a parent, and in life, and for the past 7 years I’ve been teaching hundreds of parents to do the same.

Now, today, you get the opportunity to apply exactly what I have dedicated the last decade to learning so you too can turn your parenting experience around and get rid of all that stress!

I don’t want any parent to have to experience the pain, the emotions and the self-hatred that I did as a mum.

I also don’t want kids to have to learn from watching a parent who feels that way about life and adopting the same beliefs and behaviours (like I feared my children were doing).

This is my mission in life – teaching parents how to feel worthy, confident and able to deal with life’s challenges, so that we know how to automatically pass these valuable life skills onto our children, because it didn’t come natural to me.

When we begin to do this, we will start to see a new generation of happy, confident kids coming through our communities.

So with that in mind I want to give you EVERY opportunity to help yourself and change how you feel about your life as a parent!

Jackie Hall

Author, creator of the Parental Stress Centre, counsellor and mum

About our Membership Program


We have two different levels of membership that have been created to give you access to my entire suite of products and services to help you with:

  • Learning how to stop your own stress, depression and anxiety
  • Time management and getting more you time
  • Finding that lost identity (the one that seemed to disappear when you left hospital!)
  • Re-connection with your partner, or just learning how to avoid getting disconnected in the first place.
  • Taming your temper and that irrational patience that seems to come from nowhere when the kids are playing up.
  • Understanding and changing your child’s behaviour (by working on their perceptions of life and teaching them an accurate understanding of life and self-worth)
  • Learning how to communicate and negotiate more effectively with your children

We have Books plus live programs and self-paced programs that cater for all kinds of learning preferences and abilities.

But buying all these products individually can be really expensive, and let’s face it, most of us are on single incomes, or limited budgets and kids can be expensive. This is exactly why we’ve created these memberships. You will save hundreds of dollars, making this a much more cost effective way for you to get the help you’re looking for.
You’ve probably already heard or read a lot about The Parental Stress Centre and how effective our products are for transforming parents all over the world, so I’m not going to give you a big long sales pitch about this.

You already know that all this stress needs to stop and you know how you want to feel. It will become obvious on its own that these programs will give you everything you need to reach your goals.

What does each membership include?

We have two levels of membership available and below is a table that shows you exactly what you’ll get with each membership level.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with any of the programs on this list, simply click on the program title and you will be taken to a more detailed explanation of that program.

Membership Comparison
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Why should I join the membership program

These memberships are an opportunity to give yourself a complete overhaul and, if you go with the gold levels, you are provided enormous amounts of support while you change.

It is an opportunity to work through my entire professional collection of materials, enough to turn around even the most unhappy family, for less than the cost of a nice dinner out per month, a new outfit or one face-to-face counselling session per month

The memberships give you a chance to get this information and apply it over longer periods too, and with the support of the gold level, you are getting in-between-video support, so you can ask us questions at any time.

Whichever level you choose, you’ll be making one of the best investments in your kids, your marriage, family and personal happiness, because what you learn, won’t just apply to parenthood. It will apply to life!

Here are just some of the benefits you will get from joining our membership programs:
  • All videos in our programs are downloadable, meaning you get to keep them forever.
  • All programs come with PDF homework handouts which also contain key slides from the video to help you remember what you’ve learnt
  • If your partner is eager, he/she can have access to the course material as well, under the same account
  • If you join the gold level, you are getting a full support while you completely change your life through the live program support groups, facilitated by Jackie Hall directly, and her team.
  • If you paid individually for these programs it would cost you a fortune. With the two levels of memberships you save hundreds from not having to buy all these programs individually

Isn’t it time to feel good again?

If you’ve gotten to this part of the page and are reading the ‘why should I join’ section, then it’s likely to be because you are ready for some serious change.

Chances are, you are just where I was 11 years ago – completely over those constant feelings of anger, guilt, frustration, overwhelm, feeling like the worst parent in the world and just plain over feeling so down and stressed by life!

It’s time to change, isn’t it? It’s time to stop letting stress, depression and anxiety rule your life. We want to help you. We’ve been where you are at. We know you can change.

Our motto is real support, real solutions and no judgement and you’ll find that’s exactly what you will get from the PSC memberships, or we’ll give you your money back. That’s a guarantee.

Now all you have to lose, is your stress!

How do I join?

Simply choose your preferred option from Silver or Gold levels below

Silver Level Membership
  • Access to all Self-paced Programs’ videos including:

    * Fast TRACK to Taming your Temper
    * 21 Day Give me Back my time Program
    * 9 week Happy Mum Support Program
    * 6 week The Truce Program
    * 8 week Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting Program
    * 4 week Be the Change Program

  • All programs come with PDF Handouts and key slides of videos presented.

  • All videos in the programs are downloadable for you to keep forever.

Gold Level Membership
  • Access to all Self-paced Programs including:

    * Fast TRACK to Taming your Temper
    * 21 Day Give me Back my time Program
    * 9 week Happy Mum Support Program
    * 6 week The Truce Program
    * 8 week Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting Program
    * 4 week Be the Change Program

  • Access to all LIVE Programs including:

    * Live 10 week Happy Mum Support program
    * Live 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge
    * Live 8 Week Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting Program
    * Live 6 week The Truce Program
    * Live Adjusting to The Change Program
    * Live Be The Change Program

  • All live programs come with support via our Closed Facebook groups for each individual program. Get your questions answered throughout the entire live program.

  • Weekly or Fortnightly live chat sessions with Jackie Hall when signed up to:

    * The Happy Mum Support Program (weekly sessions)
    * 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge (weekly sessions)
    * Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting Program (fortnightly sessions)
    * Live Be The Change program (weekly sessions)

  • Access to download all 5 PSC Ebooks, including:

    * The Happy Mum Handbook
    * The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge
    * A Parent’s Guide to Balance and Getting more ME Time
    * A Parent’s Guide to Finding your Lost Identity
    * What’s in it for me? Relationships Book