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  • 12th February, 2018

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Do you want a relationship with your school aged child or teen that doesn't involve yelling, power struggles, nagging, backchatting and disconnection?

This program is going to teach you how to:

– Learn how to communicate more effectively to get your child to co-operate and respect you more

– Alleviate your stress so you can parent from a calm place without personalising your child’s behaviour.

– Re-establish a new dynamic with your child that’s built upon mutual respect, encouragement and a willingness to WANT TO co-operate with you.

– Help build your child’s self-esteem and teach them a healthy way to deal with emotions and life’s challenges.

– Learn the balance between when to give tough love and when to be more lenient, understanding and open to negotiation

– Integrate elements from the ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ to create a balanced system that teaches your child respect, discipline and boundaries, great communication skills, all while feeling loved and supported – all the elements your child needs to become a well rounded adult!


Many parents of school age children and teenagers, often wonder whether it’s too late to make changes to the family dynamics. IT’S NOT! Let us show you how.

Introducing the Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting Program.


This program is specifically designed for parents of school age children (including teenagers).


LAST ROUND EVER! The PSC is completely restructuring and this program will no longer be available after this round. If you’ve ever contemplated joining this program and making that shift to a better relationship with your children and an overall happier famile, now is your chance.

  • When 12th February, 2018
  • Where Anywhere with an internet connection

How do you get the co-operative results that the old system generated without the cost of potential fear, shame and causing emotional damage to your child?

Parents who come to us often try the new style of parenting, but are left feeling powerless to improve their child’s behaviour or feel too permissive. Out of confusion and hopelessness, they resort back to the old way to regain control, causing them to feel guilty, disconnected, and still feeling powerless.

They want to let go of the old ways, but they just don’t know how.


Parents today are in the middle of a transition. The world is changing at a rapid rate and our 8 week Stress free Kids, Stress Free parenting program helps parents bridge the gap between the old way of parenting and the new, using elements of BOTH systems to raise happy, healthy, well rounded children ready for life!

The core focus of the program is to provide you with practical solutions and strategies that answer the top five questions all parents want to know when raising their children

How can I parent calmly without anger and over-reaction?
WHY do they keep doing that?
What do I DO when they behave like that?
What can I SAY to make them co-operate and show more respect?
How can I teach them to accept life’s ups and downs and feel good about themselves?


The Stress Free Kids, Stress Free parenting program approach

We take a three step approach to teaching you about child behaviour.

Step One: Why is my child behaving this way, and feeling the way they do?

Behaviour is just the end result of how a child is perceiving life, whether that’s because of where they are at developmentally, or because of how they are thinking about their self-worth, or the challenges they face. So before focussing directly on behaviour, we first help you to understand WHY this behaviour exists in the first place. We focus on how your child views life, what stage their brain is at and how they’re seeing themselves within the family dynamic.

Step Two: How can I help my child to improve their behaviour and CHANGE how they feel about themselves?

Understanding your child’s behaviour can make big changes to how you feel about it, however we know that you want to know how to handle those challenges more proactively too. In this part of the program we teach you:

  • To communicate amicably with your children and work together on solutions to problems
  • To encourage your child to WANT to co-operate
  • To help you discipline (ie teach) your child in a modern world with new ‘rules’
  • A 7 step process to help you to resolve behavioural issues between you and your child
  • How to handle common behavioural problems like sibling rivalry, defiance, sensitive children, strong willed children, back chat and attitude, and more

Step Three: As parents we don’t just want to fix problems. We want to prepare them for life! This final step is all about teaching your kids the essentials they need to get through life, like how to….

  • Handle life’s challenges with a healthy mindset towards life
  • Deal with anger and other emotions more effectively
  • Feel good about themselves and grow a healthy self-esteem
  • Avoid stress, depression and anxiety in life
  • Be solution focussed when things don’t go to plan

What does the program include in a nutshell?

Starting from 12th February, you will become part of an interactive and supportive 8 week program, where you will progressively learn how to understand and dramatically improve your child’s behaviour.

  1. ONLINE SUPPORT EVERYDAY FOR 8 WEEKS FROM QUALIFIED COUNSELLORS: You will have access to a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive personal support from Jackie Hall and her team as well as other parents doing this program alongside you. This support will help you move forward if you get stuck, keep you accountable and help you to apply the methods you’re learning, to your personal circumstances.
  2. 8 x Weekly Videos: Each week you will receive a weekly video for you to watch/listen to, which will go for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.
  3. Homework and PDF worksheets: Each week you will be given homework and PDF worksheets to help you apply the information you are learning for the week.
  4. Bonus book #1: All participants of the SFKSFP Program will receive a free PDF Copy of “A Parent’s Guide to Balance and Getting More YOU Time” (valued at $19.95).
  5. Bonus book #2: You will also receive a FREE PDF Copy of ““A Parent’s Guide to Find Your Lost Identity and Discovering Your Personal Space” (valued at $19.95).


What parents have to say about the program

Crystal, Oak Flats, NSW, Australia (before and after testimonial)

Ayako, Boronia, VIC, Australia

I have a teenage daughter who was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, self harm and suicidal tendencies last year. While she has been receiving treatment, our home situation was still quite “stressed” and she was not improving. As her parents we had no idea how to parent her. Out of desperation we started your course.

It has been a very big eye opener for us and has helped us understand why our daughter is the way she is and how our parenting has had some influence over the way she sees herself.

It has helped us understand why we act/believe the way we do. We have been able to implement some changes and have some understanding of the thought processes that have brought our daughter to be diagnosed with her condition and we are learning to use the techniques from your program to improve our parenting.

Thank you for helping us find a better parenting solution. We needed one to help keep our daughter alive. Thank you

Desperate mum

How do I join?

Are you ready to make dramatic changes to your child’s behaviour? Don’t spend one more day hoping that ‘tomorrow’ it will all miraculously change. Learn HOW to make those changes and get the support you need while you make those changes.

Join now, by choosing from one of the payment options below.



LAST ROUND EVER! The PSC is completely restructuring and this program will no longer be available after this round. If you’ve ever contemplated joining this program and making that shift to a better relationship with your children and an overall happier famile, now is your chance.

  • When 12th February, 2018
  • Where Anywhere with an internet connection
  • 8 weeks of support from TWO qualified counsellors via access to our Closed Facebook group

  • 8 x Weekly Videos that are downloadable for you to keep forever

  • Homework – Printable worksheets and exercises to help you to apply the information being learnt

  • PDF copy of “A Parent’s Guide to Balance and Getting More YOU Time”.

  • PDF copy of “A Parent’s Guide to Find Your Lost Identity and Discovering Your Personal Peace”.

Would you join this program if you knew, without doubt, that it would help your family feel happier and more connected?

See improvement by implementing this program, or get your money back!

We are committed to helping you create harmony in your home, so if you don’t get see any changes within the first 30 days, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Now there is NO RISK to give it a try.

More information about the program and common questions answered…


About our approach:

Why issuing consequences is not enough – the missing ingredient behind why child behaviour is not improving

First and foremost, parents often turn to consequences as a default and while this is often necessary to teach children that certain behaviours are unacceptable, often parents use this approach too much and the kids get immune to it and learn not to care about losing things.

We need to implement this approach alongside other approaches too. We need to bring in light AND shade, not just the shade (consequences), so when you do implement the shade, your child has a reference point of how much better it is to co-operate to bring about more shade

Also, issuing consequences is often not enough to teach your child to handle their thoughts, feelings and actions. When we default to only consequences, that might teach your child not to behave like that anymore, but have we address why they behaved that way in the first place (the thoughts and emotions behind the action), or how to behave in an alternative way.

Often the reason behind the behaviour is hurt or confusion or reactivity and they don’t yet know how to respond in a different way. It’s our job to also teach them the necessary skills for life because reality is, challenging events will come up.

When you issue those disciplinary techniques like time out, counting to three, punishment of choice etc, we’re really only dealing with the end result – the reaction. It’s like putting a band aid over the problem. it only works until next time a similar event triggers the same thought process, which triggers the same reaction.

Here are just a few examples of common behaviours parents deal with and the mindset behind them:

Anger in children is about control – either they’ve learnt that it gets them control, or it’s a reaction to feeling powerless and feeling like they are being controlled by one or more people. Sometimes there can be an underlying hurt going on being that anger also, that needs attention. Another reason why the focus needs to be on mindset first, rather than disciplining behaviour first.

Strong willed children often get attached to the picture of how they want things to be. The lesson here will be how both of you can learn flexibility, negotiation and compromise and how to set boundaries TOGETHER.

Anxiety in children comes from a fear of life not going to plan because of pictures they have in their head of how something could go wrong and how it’s supposed to be right. They believe that they should be able to manipulate situations so that it always goes to plan, thus have difficulties with the anomalies that life deals them because it doesn’t match the ‘picture. The learning will be in teaching them to embrace change and see the value in all life situations, so there is nothing to fear.

Sibling Rivalry can be about many things – power play, competition, feelings of worthlessness, roles that are being played in the family dynamics, favourtism (deliberate or not), jealousy, or just plain old developmental. The lesson hear is to establish the core root of it before we can determine the best approach.

If we want to help our child to stop repetitively behaving the way they do, we have to get to the root of WHY they are behaving this way – how they THINK!

Then we can establish a plan of how to upgrade/change their thought process and follow up with traditional disciplinary techniques to reinforce what we are teaching them, if necessary.

Helping your child to THINK differently is the missing ingredient to child behaviour improvement.

Why am I so stressed out when dealing with my child’s behaviour?

The simple answer is, because as parents, we are caught up in a ‘story’ about our child’s behaviour, often personalising their behaviour, or because we feel out of control, not knowing what else to do to stop our child’s behaviour and feel powerless.

Just like your child who is reacting to how they perceive and interpret life, you too are doing the same. Often the reason why we get reactive over anything, is because of how we are perceiving the event and what we perceive the event to mean about ourselves.

When we are highly reactive and caught up in our own stories about how a situation ‘should’ be different, what we are missing out on because our children keep behaving the way they do, how they ‘should’ know better’ and what you feel they are doing to your life (eg I never get any time to myself, I’ve had enough of having to deal with all this…. etc), it is very difficult to be able to work on your child’s behaviour because all your attention particles are being used up on the story of how things ‘should’ be. We call that being in conflict with reality.

When you’re in fighting in your mind about the reality of your child’s behaviour and personalising what’s going on, it becomes extremely difficult to focus on solutions and help your child learn to think and behave differently. So the first part of the solution is to change how you are perceiving the situation with your child and free those attention particles up to focus on change – changing your mindset AND changing your child’s, thus changing BOTH your reactions by default.

In the Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting program, we spend an entire week focussing on what causes you stress, so you can be working on your own emotions and reactions alongside working on your child’s emotions and reactions.


About the Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting program

Please tell me more about Jackie Hall, the presenter of this program.

This comprehensive parenting program is run by Jackie Hall, mum of a preteen and teenager, parental counselor, a world leader in practical parenting strategies and Founder of The Parental Stress Centre of Australia.

For a decade, Jackie has been committed to training herself and thousands of other parents on how to overcome the difficulties of raising a child. Her real, practical and non-judgmental approach has positioned her as a leading provider of parental advice and programs in Australia and internationally.

Jackie has worked with thousands of parents over the last decade and has also worked extensively with clients facing severe depression, anxiety and drug and alcohol addictions in both adults and late teens.

She has a deep understanding about the challenges in family dynamics and how to begin working through the complexities of individual perspectives integrating together to improve those family dynamic.

Jackie is passionate about helping parents learn how to reconnect, communicate, resolve conflict and achieve what all family members want – love, to belong, to feel good enough and to have peaceful relationships. All of this is possible when you are learning how to focus on your perceptions first, and your practical skills second.

What parents love the most about Jackie’s approach, is her friendly, real and down to earth, non judgemental approach towards ALL situations parents face.

Tell me more about how I will be supported over the 8 weeks

What is the normal avenue of support measures for parents? You go to a health professional, counsellor or psychologist once a week for one hour, pay well over $100 per session in most cases, and then you are left to your own devices for the rest of the time until the next appointment (which can be several weeks).

Often when you go to a counselling session, you spend a lot of time talking about your problems, not leaving a lot of time for learning specific strategies and approaches to manage your emotions or the emotions of your children.

But what if you had access to your qualified counsellor every day for eight weeks teaching you how to understand your emotions, manage your reactions, understand your child’s behaviour and strategise about that behaviour, and then giving you support to apply this information directly to your personal circumstances?

Well that’s what it’s like in the Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting program.

During the week you are learning lots of valuable information through your weekly videos, and then in between those videos you have Jackie holding your hand as much as you want/ need throughout the entire 8 weeks through our Closed FB group and through our four live webinars, held fortnightly during the program.

So you are learning AND receiving guidance and support WHILE you make changes in the comfort of your home. No babysitters. No appointments needed.

In addition you will be doing this program alongside your peers – parents feeling exactly like you do, and learning exactly what you are, so you get to learn from them too. You’ll never feel alone.

We are committed to helping you to establish new patterns of thinking in your children and in yourself, so you can experience the strong connection with your kids that you desire, and experience a harmonious family environment for them to grow up in.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! We are only interested in helping parents to change so we have a money back guarantee on our programs.

If you don’t experience any change to your family within the first 30 days, we will happily refund your money, no questions asked.

We know that when participants apply themselves to this program, really commit to it and reach out to us when they get stuck, that we can help them to shift through their challenges. However we are also aware that some circumstances mean that more individual one-on-one approaches may work better, or more intensive support is required, so we will always refund anyone we have not been able to help.

So you have nothing to lose and only peace, joy and long lasting connections with your kids, to gain.

What will I learn each week?

Week One

Understanding stress and emotions – yours and your child’s

  • Why you feel stressed over your child’s behaviour
  • The four specific ways we view life that lead to you being reactive when your child misbehaves.
  • Discover the same mindset playing out in your child’s behaviour too
  • Realistic expectations of child behaviour – Understanding the different ages and stages of your child’s brain development

Week Two

Why do they do that?!

  • Investigate the mindset behind your child’s behaviour
  • How your child’s view of life and their role in the family is effecting their behaviour
  • Why your child chooses to behave the way they do even though they know it’s not okay
  • Discover the beliefs your child has behind back chat, sibling rivalry, tantrums and angry outbursts
  • Discover why your child is sensitive, anxious or strong willed

Week Three

Shifting Gears To Stress-Free Thinking

  • How to redirect your child’s thinking and see an automatic change in their emotions
  • How to teach your children a healthy understanding of life and how to cope with life doesn’t go their way. (Very important…we don’t always get what we want!)
  • How to teach gratitude and find value in the unwanted

Week Four

Discipline in the modern world

  • Discover why the old school ‘fear based’ way of parenting is not working
  • How to discipline in the modern world
  • Balancing love with boundaries
  • Being clear on your intention for disciplining your children
  • How to find your leverage that will help your kids to want to co-operate
  • Methods of disciplining that help children learn life skills and not simply how to obey

Week Five

Opening up effective communication channels with your child

  • Communication techniques to get your child ‘on side’
  • Connecting with your child
  • A 7 stage approach to working with your child on resolving conflict

Week Six

Raising a child with high self-esteem

  • Learn the difference between self-worth and self-esteem and how to build both in your children
  • How to help your children find evidence of their self-worth from their lives
  • Help your child to gain a healthy self-image, self-confidence and self-respect

Week Seven

Helping your child with anxiety and/or depression

  • Learn to identify the difference between anxiety and depression
  • Understand the specific thought processes involved in depression and anxiety
  • Strategies for helping your child change their anxiety mindset
  • Strategies for helping your child change their depressed mindset

Week Eight

A 5 step Mind TRACK to Happiness Process

  • Learn our 5 step process to help you handle any situation that arises in parenting to alleviate YOUR stress
  • Teach your child this same process to help them move through life’s challenges
  • How you have already been learning to apply the Mind TRACK to Happiness process in this very program
  • Key take-home messages from this program

How do I join?

To join the 8 week program, please choose from one of the payment options below.


  • When 12th February, 2018
  • Where Anywhere with an internet connection
  • 8 weeks of support from Jackie Hall and her qualified team via access to our Closed Facebook groups

  • 8 x Weekly Videos that are downloadable for you to keep forever

  • Homework – Printable worksheets and exercises to help you to apply the information being learnt

  • PDF copy of “A Parent’s Guide to Balance and Getting More YOU Time”.

  • PDF copy of “A Parent’s Guide to Find Your Lost Identity and Discovering Your Personal Peace”.

See improvement by implementing this program, or get your money back!

We are committed to helping you create harmony in your home, so if you don’t get see any changes within the first 30 days, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Now there is NO RISK to give it a try.