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“Please help me reconnect, resolve issues and parent on the same page as my partner”

If you want help in this area of your life, then The Truce program is for you.

What is the unknown secret most couples DON’T know about how to have a successful relationship?

Learn this valuable seedling of truth and you’ll be amazed at how little changes
can grow to make a BIG difference.

Are you ready to get rid of the arguing, the petty name calling, judging and below the belt digs that you know will hurt?

Are you ready to stop competing for ‘me’ time, fighting over the chores, disagreeing over how to discipline your children and going to bed without even a hug or a kiss goodnight?

He says… “She thinks that work is a break.”
She says…  “He thinks that staying at home with the kids all day is a breeze.”


She says…  “Why does he get to sit down after work? I still have to cook, clean and put the kids to bed?”
He says…  “Here she goes again, saying I never help enough. She doesn’t realise how many things I actually do that go unnoticed.”


He says…  “I’ll take the kids outside to play, so she can have some time to get dinner ready in peace.”
She says…  “Why does he get to have all the fun while I’m in here slaving away all the time?”


She says…   “If he would help me more, I wouldn’t be so irritable.”
He says…  “If she would stop nagging and telling me what to do, I’d probably help her more.”


She says…   “If he gave me more romance and affection, I’d give him more sex.”
He says…   “If she gave me more sex, I’d give her more romance and affection.”

Introducing our 6 Week program…

The Truce: Bringing back love, connection and alignment between parents (self-paced)

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Many couples spend their days completely misunderstanding each other.

They get stuck in an “I’ll hurt you because you hurt me” cycle.  They go around and around in circles, being nasty, calling names, not talking and withholding sex or other things their partner wants.

“Stuff him, he never does anything for me.” OR
“Why should I help her? I never get any credit for it. She’ll just find something else to nag me about.”

Amidst the hurt, we stop showing love, we stop connecting and we move further away from being in alignment with one another.  Further away from what we’d really like to experience and the model we want to be for our children.

But have you ever known yourself or anyone else to respond positively to being hurt?!! 

Have you ever known anyone who is eager to give you what you want, after you’ve withheld kindness, love or respect from them?

With the arrival of children leaving less time for talk, more time for sweeping problems under the “life’s busy” rug, and continuing the cycles of feeling hurt and unappreciated, many couples are increasingly at war with each other and moving towards the brink of divorce.

This isn’t just effecting mum and dad though, this is effecting their kids too.

But there is a key ingredient to successful relationships and our 6 week program – The Truce: Bringing back love, connection and alignment between parents is going to teach you exactly how to add this ingredient into your relationship.

About the Program

Society has changed since we were children and many parents are stuck between the old and the new.

The old way says mum should stay at home and look after the kids, but the new way says, mum should works more, take on more responsibility, do it all, be it all and can have it all (and sometimes, she’s learnt she should be able to do it better than a male, or worse, “I don’t need a man to help me”).

The old ways says dad needs to be the bread winner for the family. The new way says dad needs to works more, earn more, gain more, achieve more, spend more time at home with the children, take more responsibility around the house and don’t be the ‘ogre’ dad that was often present in the old fatherly style of parenting.

Both the old way and the new way come with their challenges, but what challenges parents the most these days is the confusion all these blurred lines bring to the family dynamic.

The truth is, mums and dads are often struggling to navigate their way to a place that works for them and creates the relationships they desire.

And the result? Tension is rising, relationships are suffering, and no one’s feeling the love or respect they feel they deserve. What’s worse, is that our children are learning to follow in our footsteps.

The Truce program shows you how to navigate your way through the change in societal rules and discover your own set of rules for how to have an fulfilling relationship that works for you and your family. We’ll show you how to:

  • Understand the current dynamics in your relationship and how they were set up
  • Understand how both of your belief systems and gender roles contribute to the conflict in your relationship
  • Learn how men and women think and how to communicate with your partner in a way that is effective
  • Create an alignment that gets you BOTH what you want for yourself, your relationship and for your kids
  • Learn how to create the harmonious relationship you WANT to have in a new age world where there are no rules to live by anymore. You get to create what works for you!

What will I learn?

Here’s what you will learn throughout your six weeks:

Week One

The cause of conflict in relationships

This week is about introducing you to how individuals think, why they get upset, what causes conflict in general and what causes conflict between men and women.  Here’s what it will cover:

  • Understanding how your partner thinks
  • Understand what causes conflict in couples
  • How your beliefs and upbringing can contribute to your relationship (or sometimes to its demise)
  • How to identify the key beliefs and thinking behind why you are and your partner argue and fight

Week Two

Gender differences and the conflict they cause

  • Gender differences and their contribution to conflict
  • Why gender roles cause conflict in parenting and why your roles need to be deliberately redefined.
  • Identify how your gender beliefs (or your partner’s) are contributing to conflict in the relationship and in your role as parents

Week Three

How can we begin to move forward?

  • The set-up of how your relationship came to be
  • The transition from pre-parent to parent and the effects on mum AND dad
  • Taking responsibility for your part in the problem.
  • Understanding how ‘you teach people how to treat you’
  • Letting go of the past (forgiveness and moving on from past hurt)
  • Playing your part in the solution.

Week Four

Preparing for changes in your relationship

  • Setting up the foundations for change
  • Knowing exactly what you and your partner want and need in your relationship
  • Effective communication strategies
  • How to communicate effectively with men
  • How to communicate effectively with women


Week Five

The new road map for change – recreating your relationship

  • Learning the true art of negotiation and compromise and the difference between them
  • The difference between good compromise and bad compromise
  • Stage One: Preparing the stage
  • Stage Two: How to discuss the ‘disagreement’
  • Stage Three: How to brainstorm solutions without fighting


Week Six

Love, Connection and Alignment

  • How to pull it all together for lasting changes
  • Apply our 5 step Mind TRACK to Happiness process and how it works for relationships
  • Apply this same process to aligning on child discipline and goals for raising your children
  • How to continue your journey as an aligned, connected couple


Who wrote this program?


My name is Jackie Hall and I am not only the Founder of the Parental Stress Centre and the author of everything you find on this website, but I am also a parental coach, wife and life partner to Steve, and mother of two boys Cody, 10 and Ryan, 9.

At the time of writing, I have been with my husband and best friend Steve for half of my life – 19 years.  We have grown into adults together. We have both changed and grown as individuals, multiple times and we have had to re-negotiate the terms of our relationship multiple times.

Steve and I have, what I consider to be the perfect relationship.  Is that because we never argue? No. It’s because we know HOW TO RESOLVE CONFLICT AS IT ARISES and STAY CONNECTED through thick and thin.

It is because we have learnt the art of communication, negotiation and compromise. It is because we have gotten to know, respect, understand and accept the other persons wants, needs and personality and work with each other on problems.

We have shared many challenges together.  We have shared my depression, his severe anxiety, financial struggles and the crazy years of two very young children born close together, to name a few.

There have been times where he was my teacher and times where I was his. There have been times when I was the leader and he was the follower and he was the leader and I was the follower. In our relationship, we have created what works for US and I want to now teach you how to create all of these things in YOUR relationship.

In addition to my personal experience, I have also worked as a counsellor, mediating and counselling many couples, as well as other family members and taught my clients how to understand each other and communicate effectively to create healthy and fair resolutions.

This is my forte and something that I love sharing with clients!

Jackie Hall

Author, creator of The Truce Program

What does the program include?


  1. Over 6 weeks you will receive weekly videos (approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long) that will progressively teach you how to understand your relationship issues and how to overcome them (see below for the breakdown of each week).
  2. Each week you will be given homework to complete to assist you in applying what you’ve learnt.
  3. You will be emailed a pdf of the weekly sessions’ key slides and the homework sheets.
  4. BONUS #1: You will receive a FREE Ebook copy of our relationships book “What’s in it for me? – why giving your partner more of what they want will get you more of what you need” (hard copy upgrade also available upon checkout).
  5. BONUS #2: You will receive access to the audio of each of the weekly videos. Often time constraints limit our ability to sit down and watch a video, but we can often listen to it on the way to work, while exercising or while going about your daily tasks. We’re making it really easy for you to make your relationship work!

How do I know this will work for us?

The short answer is, you won’t!  There are no promises in programs like this because there are many factors involved in conflict and the pathway to resolution.

What we will guarantee however, is that if you join this program you will get an amazing insight into why your relationship is at where it’s at and a proven pathway to change IF you apply what is being taught.

So often clients want a quick fix, but you have to do the work.  We will give you homework and exercises to apply that will assist you. You will have all the information you need to create changes in your relationship. But the commitment part will be up to you. You will only get out of it what you are willing to put in.

However, we are so confident that we can help you learn more about creating love, connection and alignment in your relationship, that if you are not happy with the information by the end of the program, and you’ve been actively watching and accessing the information, we will give you a money back guarantee on it!


Do I need my partner to participate for the techniques to work?

It would be ideal of course, but not always necessary.  In fact, often it just takes one person to break the ‘I’ll hurt you because you hurt me cycle” for walls to start breaking down.

You will learn how to communicate with your partner so they can hear you. You will learn to understand your partner and where they are coming from and you will learn how to talk to your partner in a way they feel they are working WITH you on change, not being demanded upon to change.

You will have the tools to guide your relationship in its new direction, so your partner can be open to change and begin to work with you too – ie create alignment.

How do I join?


  • When Immediate Access
  • Where Anywhere with internet access


Still wondering if you should join?

Sometimes we look at the price of something like this and think, “that’s too dear” but in the next moment we may spend $40 on a family meal of takeaway, or buy those couple of xbox games for the kids, buy that carton of beer or bottle of spirit, or that new dress for that wedding we’re going to.

That’s because finding the money for something is often not about money, it’s about priorities.  If you value something enough and it’s your priority to do so, you will often find the money to invest in that thing. So the question is, is your relationship and the changes you can make to it with this money-back guaranteed program enough of a priority to invest in?

When you consider that question, consider how you feel about the effect your relationship is having on your children. Does it sit well with you? Or would you like to be a better role model for how to have a relationship?

When it comes to the dynamics of your relationship between yourself and your partner, would you like them to repeat this dynamic in their adult relationships? How would you feel if they did – overjoyed, or worried?

Are you happy for your kids to be learning the same conflict resolution skills that you and your partner model? Would you want your child’s husband or wife to talk to them the way you and your partner talk to each other? Would you like them to experience the same amount of love, affection and connection that you and your partner share? Or more?

Or would you like them to see you and your partner in a completely different light altogether?

You see it’s not for you or anyone else to tell you that you need this program or not. That is a decision that only you can make when you consider your these questions and compare your present reality with your ideal.

YOU know where that line in the sand is. YOU know what needs to change and you know IF it needs to change.

We’re saying we are here to help you change it, should you WANT to, and we have a money back guarantee on that help.

  • We can help you communicate with your partner about what you want and help them get what they want in your relationship.
  • We can help you to heal any past hurts.
  • We can help you align on your parenting discipline and how you want to raise your children and;
  • We can help show you how to deal with the inevitable disagreements without the upsets.


Imagine for a moment what your relationship was like at the beginning? Exciting, loving, enjoyable, connected, sharing, communicative, on the same page.

What if it could be like that all over again….WITH kids!


Rebecca came to the Parental Stress Centre because she was at the point of almost having an affair.  She thought the grass was greener on the other side and all she could see was what she wasn’t getting in her relationship and how another person could potentially give that to her.

When she learnt our methods, she realised how loyal and loving her partner was, and how much he actually adored her.  She learnt to understand him, talk to him, negotiate and compromise.   She learnt that it was SHE who had to make a lot of the changes, where all this time she had been blaming him for everything. He still had to change too, but Rebecca realised it was a two-way street.

Rebecca almost left for another man who she came to realise could never give her what her husband was already giving to her and her family.  They are still happily married 5 years on.

*Rebecca's Story

His wife would speak to him with complete disrespect, never valued his work and how much he provided for her, always nagged him that he wasn’t home enough to help with their 4 kids. What’s worse was the kids were starting to mimic her ways of treating him.

Tony turned it all around when he realised that his wife didn’t feel listened to and he learnt to be able to see where she was coming from and look beyond her words. He started to help her articulate with more clarity what she wanted, took the time to understand her, learnt how to ask for what HE wanted, and to communicate more effectively.   The name calling stopped and while they still argue from time to time (like all couples do), their relationship is thriving and they’re continuing to work on their issues with active back and forth conversation, instead of fighting over the same things and continually hurting one another.

*Tony's Story

Her relationship was over….or so she’d decided. She moved into another room and began to make preparations to move out.  She was handed our book, “What’s in it for me?” by a neighbour. She began talking with her husband and realising her part in the problem and how to communicate with him about how to BOTH get what they wanted. She’s now moved back into the bedroom and they are continuing to rebuild their relationship.

*Belinda's Story

We set Monique a challenge. Let’s see if we could get her fence fixed by her ex-husband…voluntarily!

Monique was moving out after the end of her relationship. Her ex-partner (father of their child) was supposed to be helping her, but instead he was being slack. Monique was annoyed.  We challenged Monique to try our secret technique with the intention of getting him to volunteer to fix her fence on her new house, so she could keep her dogs.

We told her that instead of being annoyed at him for not helping her move as much as she’s expected him to, she needed to be genuinely grateful for the effort he WAS making.

With our other strategies at play, Monique followed our instructions and called us 2 days later to report that her fence had been fixed.  Not only that, but that day when we had instructed her to change to our approach, Monique said she had more conversation with him over that weekend, then she’s had in the last 3 months!  She couldn’t believe it.

While the marital relationship itself was beyond repair, she had still learnt how to apply our relationship techniques to communicate more effectively with her ex-partner.  After all she was going to be a co-parent with this man for a long time. She might as well learn how to make it amicable.

*Monique's Story

* All of the above stories have been from clients that have worked with the methods taught in The Truce program. All names have been changed to protect our clients’ identity.