Relationship Articles

    • Tips For Keeping Marriages Red Hot After Having Children

      We've all heard the age old saying that 'parenting is the toughest (yet most rewarding) job in the world'. Babies and young children require your attention almost all of the time and even as children grow older new challenges and tasks arise.

    • What to do when Dad works away from home

      Being a dad is a wonderfully rewarding privilege.  Most dads love to tell their buddies how awesome their kids are and how proud they are of them.  The role of father is a priority in their lives, but what if Dad has to work away from home a lot? What if he wants to be there day in and day out for his wife and children, but due to work obligations he can’t?

    • Your Marriage Doesn’t Have To Suffer After Having a Baby

      Bringing home a baby for the first time can certainly be a highlight in your marriage.   It's been a long wait but finally your baby is here. You and your spouse are thrilled with the opportunity to raise a child together and are looking forward to having a lot of fun doing it.  And you will!

    • 8 ways to improve your relationship

      Many problems are caused in a relationship after children arise, because of the idea you have of a relationship and how you believe you 'should' interact is based around the life you used to have before children.

    • How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy While Raising a Family

      You can certainly keep your marriage healthy while raising a family with some effort and a good attitude. Things may not always go as planned, but if you are optimistic as issues arise, you’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling marriage and happy family life.